Drew Andriani
Technical Program Manager

My strengths are as a technical manager, guiding delivery teams working on Web and Mobile applications in an Agile environment.

I started out as a hands on software engineer, and still keep current on emerging technologies, trends and practices such as CI/CD and Cloud Automation. As a technical manager I'm typically very involved with applications architecture and design - though I try to work with really bright, capable people and I want to let them do what they do best!

I have been using various flavors of Agile for over 10 years. I was an early adopter of agile, iterative methodologies and have an in depth knowledge of agile patterns and practices and how to leverage these to drive delivery.

I have managed multidisciplinary teams ranging from small (5 people) to much larger (25+), and one of my greatest assets is being able to balance technical and business objectives effectively.

Drew Andriani - Technical Program Manager (BSCS, MSTM, PMP)
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science - University of Maryland
Master of Science, Technology Management - University of Maryland
Project Management Professional - Project Management Institute